Invest in a tourist license property in Barcelona

Barcelona is a real-estate gold mine that will generate you wealth – but only if you know the right type of properties to invest in. These properties are rare, exclusive and incredibly lucrative. To generate true wealth in Barcelona, you must invest in a property that allows you to rent it out for Airbnb. 


These are tourist licensed apartments and there are only 12,000 in the city. You can’t apply for a tourist license – the last one was issued in 2014. Investing in one will give you an exclusive opportunity to rent it out on Airbnb and capitalize on the 27 million tourists that flood into Barcelona each year. 


Tourist licensed properties are hidden treasure troves that are only accessed by an exclusive network of investors who know exactly where to find them.


We know where to find them. We know how to secure them. We will help you generate real wealth through property investment in Barcelona. 

Benefits of Investing With Konsu

✓ Avoid the complications and stress of Spanish bureaucracy

✓ Overcome the language barrier and let our team do all of the work

✓ Get financing for your investment

✓ Secure a tourist licensed property with a lucrative Airbnb yield

✓ Save time and get immediate access to Konsu’s tourist licensed database

✓ Get Spanish residency through the Golden Visa

Investment Opportunity Overview


Tourist Licensed Apartments.


Annual tourists.


Average Airbnb annual turnover for 3-bedroom apartment.

How We Help You Secure A Property

The acquisition of your property is part of the Konsu Method, a fast and powerful strategy that’s designed to build you wealth. Below is a summary of the investment process. 

1. Bespoke Consultation

The bespoke consultation is all about you. It will be held by one of our managing directors, Jack Middleton, who will take the time to understand everything about your property investment ambitions.

✓ Find out your property earning potential
✓ Discover what areas of Barcelona are best to invest
✓ Receive a tailored property investment strategy
✓ Know the expected timeline of your property acquisition

2. Receive a bespoke shortlist of properties within 48 hours

Avoid the tedious and time-consuming trouble of manually searching for your ideal tourist licensed property. Instead, let us do all of the hard work. After your consultation, we will tap into our extensive catalog of tourist licensed properties and provide you with a personalized shortlist within 48 hours of your consultation.



Detailed information will be provided of each property, such as:

✓ Property valuation

✓ Price to income ratio 

✓ Price to rent ratio

✓ Gross rental yield

✓ Expected cash flows

✓ Property location 

3. View Your Shortlisted Properties

Konsu will contact the real estate agents of the properties you wish to visit. A time and date will be arranged based on your availability. 

✓ View the property in person

✓ Get the answers to any questions you may have about it

✓ Discover what properties best interest you

4. Secure a property

Konsu will contact the real estate agents of the properties you wish to purchase. All of the negotiations, contract drawdowns, and Spanish bureaucracy will be handled by our team of specialists at speed. 


✓ Save time on bureaucracy 

✓ Obtain Spanish residency 

✓ Overcome the language barrier 

✓ Secure the best deal with Barcelona’s most experienced real estate agents

✓ Acquire a high value property with prosperous Airbnb revenue potential


*Spanish residency can be obtained by investing equal or greater than €500,000 


Obtain Spanish Residency Through Property Investment With Konsu

The Golden Visa allows non-EU citizens to obtain Spanish residency through real-estate investment in Spain equal or greater to €500,000. If you wish to enjoy and indulge in Spanish culture, then as an investor the Golden Visa is an easy doorway for you into Spain.

Below are just some of the benefits of the Golden Visa:


You and your family will obtain Spanish

residency, allowing you to legally live in Spain.

Both you and your family members can travel to all Schengen Zone countries without a visa for up to 90 days in a 180 day period. 

You are not required to live in Spain to renew your Golden Visa.

After five years of living in Spain you will become eligible for permanent residence.

After 10 years of living in Spain you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

You and your family are able to make use of Spain’s health and education system.

The Tourist License Obstacle and How Konsu Overcomes it For You

To make money from Airbnb in Barcelona, by law it is mandatory that the property has a tourist license. As it stands, you can’t apply to the government for a new one. Today there are just 12,000 properties in Barcelona that have a tourist license.

The only way for you to make money through short term rentals in Barcelona is to buy a property that already has a tourist license. But acquiring a shortlist of tourist licensed properties that are relevant to your needs is time consuming, tedious, and often incredibly frustrating.

To begin with, you would have to contact numerous different real estate agents. Then you have the language barrier to overcome and if you do, you may only be presented with several tourist licensed properties – none of which may be relevant to your needs.

With Konsu, we already have a carefully curated list of tourist licensed properties that are available for sale right now for you to access. You will be presented with a shortlist of properties to view based on the criteria you share with us in your bespoke consultation.

Why Collaborate With Konsu Properties?

✓  You will acquire a tourist licensed property with the highest yield based on your budget

✓  You will generate a lucrative passive income from Airbnb that’s managed by Konsu

✓  You will avoid the frustrations that come with Spanish bureaucracy

✓  You will overcome the language barrier with Konsu’s bilingual team of specialists

✓  You will gain Spanish residency through investing in a property

✓  You will receive bespoke and specialist advice on Spanish real estate

✓  You will build your wealth through property investing that’s fast, seamless, and saves you time


Do I get Spanish residency if I invest in a property in Spain?
Yes. As long as you invest in a property that’s equal or greater than €500,000


How long does it take to secure a property?

This depends on a number of variables, including your nationality and available liquid assets. Property acquisition can be as little as two weeks under the right circumstances. 


I’m not interested in generating passive income with Airbnb. Will you still help me secure a property?

Yes, the Airbnb service is not mandatory. 


Am I able to acquire a non-tourist-licensed property through Konsu?

Yes, we have a wide network of real-estate agents that we can leverage to help you acquire the best property available.

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