The Konsu Method

Build Your Wealth. Build Your Future.

Secure a property. Make more money. Create a new stream of passive income with Airbnb. Secure your golden visa. Build a future that’s more prosperous, lucrative, and non-restrictive – and watch it all grow without having to lift a single finger. 

This is the Konsu Method and this is the fast way to build your wealth through property investing. 

✓Secure a tourist licensed property with a high yield

✓Generate passive income without having to lift a single finger

✓Get legal residency in Spain

✓Avoid the frustrations of Spanish bureaucracy

✓Overcome the language barrier and secure the best property investment deals

✓Get bespoke property investment advice based on your goals

✓Get inside knowledge of Spain’s property market

How The Konsu Method Works

1. Book your bespoke consultation

2. Secure your tourist license property

3. Enjoy passive income with Airbnb management

By combining tourist license property acquisition with Airbnb management, you will capitalize on a rare and breakthrough property investment opportunity that is low effort, lucrative, and capable of generating passive income.

Stage 1: Consultation

The first step is for you to undergo a bespoke consultation to identify your property investment goals, needs, wants, and preferences.

After revealing this information, you will be given a projection of what wealth building opportunities you can capitalize on.

You will discover:


✓ Property revenue potential: You will be provided with the ROI you can expect from your property investment.

✓ Airbnb earning potential: Based on your budget, goals, and location preferences, we will use specialist software to give you an accurate projection of exactly how much money you can earn passively through Airbnb.


By the end of this stage, you will discover the magnitude of your property wealth building potential in Barcelona.

Step 2: Secure Your Tourist Licensed Property

Get your bespoke shortlist of properties within 48 hours

Now it is time to secure your property. We operate fast so our objective is to make this entire process as seamless and efficient for you as possible. 

We will tap into our database of tourist licensed properties and provide you with a shortlist based on the given criteria in your consultation.



✓ Save time: Get a personalized shortlist of the most relevant tourist licensed properties

✓ Discover hidden yet lucrative properties: Konsu has a wide network of real estate agents that regularly share newly listed tourist licensed properties for sale. No property evades us.

✓ Identify properties with the best ROI: With your personalized shortlist, you will have a number of different property investment opportunities to choose from, placing you in a position of leverage.

View your shortlisted properties

We will contact the real estate agents of the properties you wish to visit. A time and date will be arranged based on your availability. 


✓View property in person

✓Get answers to any questions you may have

✓Discover what properties best interest you


Secure your property

Konsu will contact the real estate agents of the property you wish to purchase. From start to finish, Konsu will facilitate the acquisition of your property, ensuring that all negotiations and bureaucratic procedures will be carried out at speed.

✓ Save time on bureaucracy
✓ Obtain Spanish residency
✓ Overcome the language barrier
✓ Secure the best deal with Barcelona’s most experienced real estate agents
✓ Acquire a high valuer property with prosperous Airbnb revenue potential

*Spanish residency can only be obtained through real estate if you purchase a property worth at least €500,000. 

Stage 3: Generate Passive Income With Konsu’s Airbnb Management Service

Create & optimize listing

You now have your property. Now it’s time to generate passive income with our specialist Airbnb management services. 

Manage Property

Your listing will be optimized to maximize clicks, traffic, and conversions on Airbnb. This includes hiring a real estate photographer to take photos of your property, keyword insertion, conversion copy, and more. Below are some of the steps we will carry out to maximize your bookings:

✓ Identify unique selling points of your property
✓ Use professional photography to allow viewers to visualize an exceptional Airbnb experience
✓ Insert keywords to enhance rankings
✓ Use conversion optimized copywriting to maximize click through rates

Enjoy your passive income

Konsu will be managing your property 24/7 to provide you with an automated system that makes money while you sleep.


✓ Generate passive income without the stress of managing your Airbnb property
✓ Get more time for other projects and building your wealth
✓ Take one step closer to reaching your financial objectives

Are you an investor who wants a fast way to build wealth through property investment?

Whether you’re based in Spain or overseas, Konsu will help you build upon your wealth through our bespoke property acquisition and Airbnb management services.

Book your consultation now to take one step closer to acquiring a property and generating passive income.

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