Secure a Property. Build Your Wealth. Make Passive Income with Airbnb.

Invest in property with a tourist license in Barcelona to make money with Airbnb today

Build Wealth Faster With The Konsu Method

Konsu Properties is a boutique luxury agency that helps investors acquire short term rental properties to then generate passive income through Airbnb.

This is the Konsu Method and we’re the only business in Spain that helps you do both. 

Whether you’re an overseas investor or are located in Spain, we will tap into our exclusive network to provide you with a property that will maximize both your ROI and Airbnb passive income. 

How The Konsu Method Works

Step 1: Get your bespoke consultation

Step 2: Secure your tourist licensed property

Step 3: Generate passive income through Konsu’s Airbnb management service

Benefits of investing with Konsu

Acquire a property that generates a high ROI

Konsu has an extensive catalog of properties with varying ROIs. Our team of experts will provide you with a bespoke shortlist based on your needs, wants, and goals.

✓ Generate passive income and build your wealth

To add further value to your investment, Konsu can provide you with an Airbnb management service where our team will optimize, market, and manage your property for Airbnb without you having to lift a finger.

✓ Get immediate access to Konsu’s exclusive tourist license property database

You need to purchase a property with an existing tourist license to make money from Airbnb in Barcelona. With Konsu, you can tap into our database of tourist licensed properties, preventing you from having to gather each one yourself.

✓ Avoid the complications and stress of Spanish bureaucracy

No needless back and forths. No miscommunications. No lengthy pursuits for obscure documentation. Konsu knows the right people and the right processes to get your deal across the line as efficiently as possible.

Overcome the language barrier

From start to finish, Konsu will handle every part of the property investment process. Members of our team operate in both English and Spanish.

✓ Get financing for your investment property

We have partnered with Spain's leading foreign investor mortgage broker to help you fund your property acquisition, quickly and easily.

Overcome the tourist license hurdle

To make money from short term rentals, your property must have a tourist license.But to apply for one is impossible: the last tourist license was issued to landlords in Barcelona in 2014.


Therefore, in Barcelona you must buy a property that already has a tourist license – right now there are only 12,000 properties that have this certificate.

And looking for the right property for the right price in the right area for the right ROI can be very challenging.

But not with Konsu Properties.We have an exclusive database of the tourist licensed properties in Barcelona for sale with all of their money making potential.

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